Stock and Non-Cash Gifts

Gifts of Stock

1. Transfer Shares Electronically
It is very important to contact us at when the transfer has been completed, or call us at (321) 209-5161.

We will need to know the number of shares, the name of the security, the purpose of the gift, and your name and address. We need this information to properly acknowledge your gift because an electronic transfer of shares does not include a notification of who the shares are from.

Instruct your broker to transfer your shares from your account to Global Fokus. Please use this sample Stock Transfer Instruction Letter.

Brokerage Firm:       Wells Fargo Advisors
DTC Number:           0141
Account Number:     2155-3314
Name on Account:   Global Fokus Inc.


2. Giving a Certificate
You may deliver your stock certificate to your broker in order to have a new certificate issued in the name of Global Fokus Inc. This certificate can then be mailed to us without endorsement.

You may endorse a stock certificate to Global Fokus Inc. by printing and completing the Stock Power Form and the Security Transfer Form.

Mail the paperwork to:
Global Fokus
Attn: Stock
12472 Lake Underhill Road #248
Orlando FL 32828-7144


3. Mutual Funds
Most mutual funds require us to have an account with them in order to receive your shares. Please contact us at, or call us at (321) 209-5161 so that we can provide the information needed for your transfer.


Real Property Gifts

For information on Real Property, a Bequest through a will, Life Insurance and Annuities:
Contact us at, or call us at (321) 209-5161.