Helping the Hurting

Scholarships for Counseling
Counseling helps people confront the wounds of their past and begin to heal from them. U
nfortunately, not everyone can afford the cost of the counseling that they could so greatly benefit from. GIVE

Anti-Human Trafficking
Human slavery will soon surpass illegal drugs as the world’s most lucrative business. We fight together with those who decrease the international demand and increase local economic opportunity.

Downs Syndrome Children in Albania
Unfortunately, children in Albania with Downs Syndrome receive no development from official sources until they are 10 years old. Culturally, special needs children are a source of shame for parents and they often feel the need to hide their children from public view. The Jonathan Center provides parents with resources and encouragement for their special needs children. GIVE

Orphans and Orphanages
Children grow best in a healthy home environment. We help communities to invite orphans to join local families. GIVE

Hunger and Poverty
It is difficult for children to learn when they have not eaten. We help local leaders to expedite food where it is needed.

Addiction Rehab Centers
Addiction drains the vitality of communities. We help local leaders to develop sustainable rehab centers with a proven track record of success.


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